Portfolio: SPACE.com

For many years I have written for SPACE.com, the world’s biggest space news website, about a wide variety of topics

Portfolio: BBC science

I have written various science and technology stories for the BBC. Follow this link to read about the Bid to solve the Black hole mystery.

Rob Coppinger

A former engineer, I am a journalist with 20-years experience writing about technology, aerospace, science, aviation, IT and engineering.

I have worked for the BBC, IHS, Flightglobal, Air Cargo Week, the Aviation Week Network, The Engineer, and other publications. I live in France.

For commissions, contact me at rjcoppinger [at] yahoo dot co dot uk or @Rob_Coppinger for Twitter

Je suis journaliste freelance et je suis à votre disposition. J’ habite en France.

J’ai travaillé pour les médias anglais, la BBC, IHS, Flightglobal, Air Cargo Week, The Engineer, et autres publications.

Pour les commissions, contactez-moi à rjcoppinger aribose yahoo point co point uk ou @Rob_Coppinger pour Twitter